Project Description

Our software can easily be amalgameted with your computer application which support  the Creation ,Modification and Publication of digital content using a common user interface and intergrated  multi-user collaborative enviroment


  • Content Reuse:  This helps incase you have a lot of Multi duplicated documents and you want to find the right one it makes it easy.
  • Integrations with editing Tools: With Writers and Editors that are comfortable with the XML editing tools our software has simplified everything.
  • Single source Functionality:  For those Corporations that have content scattered all over the organization resulting to sponsors creating similar or duplicated content.
  • Multichannel publishing:  Content is easily repurposed publishing to multiple media formats thats to say content is published in several formants e.g including print, web and pdf.
  • Extensibility: Our software is flexible and configurable to make customizations without additional costs.
  • Mobile Friendly: Our software supports mobile view formant  whereby the pages automatically adapt the mobile screen resolution.
  • Q&A Forum,Blogs: You can have blogs in your website,Update visitors about new things coming up.and also solve any queries through separate q & a forum.



  • Boosts  sales:  By integrating web traffic with SEO Application hence getting many clients.
  • Promote Events:  Organizing Online Subscriptions is made simple.
  • Create in Very Less time:  That's to say you can create professional Websites ,Gain Maximum Visibility with best web content suggestions in less time.
  • User Friendly: Our softaware is very easy to use and understand , No Technical knowledge is required and etcetera.





Bunisess Unit: