Project Description

It makes work easy for the operator to keep track of  client memberships,workout schedules,diet plans, you can create custom workout schedules  among others. with our Gym software installed on your machine, all your troubles are sorted.


  • Payments
  • Membership information
  • Analytics
  • Data protection
  • Marketing
  • Staffing and rotas
  • Record keeping
  • Communications
  • Bookings and cancellations
  • Accounting


  • Effective Management of End- user of the system,Viz,Member ,Trainer and Operator.
  • Member's Daily Workout Log and Schedule Management
  • Members can View Exercise Steps, Video Tutorials, and Documentatioins.
  • Maintaining Nutrition Plan for Each Member.
  • Quick View of Different Foods and Its Nutritional Value.
  • Effective Management can Help you Turn Into Profitable Business.
  • Helps in easy Communication Between Gym Operators, Trainers and Members.


Bunisess Unit: