Project Description

Jil insight can provide you with a software that will speed the whole process from client inquiry, booking ,finding out a beautician who will be available for the client,Reciept generation with barcode, final payment by customer plus calculating employee commissions and so on.

with our software you can't leave the clients treatment half because you have to attend to a call the software sorts all that for you, on top of that you dont get to miss out on bookings hence loosing clients. by the time your done with the clients treatment your able to reply to all emails, calls and bookings in your in box.



  • One click commission calculation reports.
  • comprehesive membership management.
  • POS results in Increased Revenue.
  • Replace your daily Admin Tasks with Automation and Tools.
  • Easy to Launch Schemes and Packages on Festivals.
  • Dashboards displays upto date Bookings.Actions and Notifications.



  • Reduce no shows thats to say send confirmation by email, sms text message or both 6 - 8 days before the  scheduled appointment.
  • Staff scheduling for example if their is a clients's specific staff preferance that should be working on him/her he can easly select from the staff list.
  • Spa Point of Sale for instance if your selling more products in your spa it make it easy to let your clients know and in turn be able to manage your stock levels and staff commissions.staff memeber have to prompt the customers regardsing retail..
  • Reporting lets say yoiu want to find out how much your making in your saloon and also Knowing the staff member with the most bookings our software keeps you up to  date with your business finances.
  • Customer Tracking in case you want to know your Loyal customer and those who spend highly in your spa well our software allows you to view those valuable clients and you can add there birthdays to their customer records of which you call organise them something special and brief if you wish to.
  • Online booking where by you let your clients book appointments online through your website,Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin among others. you give clients room to book ,reschedule and cancel that way your able to attract more clients to your spa.
  • Works on IPAD & MAC which means our software works on all devices whether windows or Android and their is no need for download.
  • Reviews & Feedback as much as your increasing customer retention ,try to get them to write up something after thier appointment or schedule at the spa.
  • Activity Dashboard with our software your able to keep a daily track on appointments,scheduling activities , date appointments,booking cancelation and you will never loose a beat.
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