Project Description

with our software Managing staff, developing compelling proposals,producing  pricing for a structural bid and meeting deadlines among others has been made easy.



  • Detailed Records are Kept like times and Dates of submissions,win and lose statistics with Interrogation Facilities 
  • costs are reduced for the preparation and the distribution of the documents
  • A full trail of Audit change and updates ,Questions and actions are kept
  • Master Templates can be available for all types of sourcing activities to cut down drafting Times
  • Securely Managed tenders can be issued to selected Bidders through error freelky and on time
  • Tenders can be sent out and Recieved Electronically via an online Portal with or without attachment
  • Monitor your Projects ;Anywhere - Anytime.
  • Measure the Efficiency of your Marketing Campaign.
  • Previous Bids are all kept in one palce for Reference.



  • Delivers integration, innovation, agility also configure and scale while staying secure.
  • Can help to boost ROI and get more out of existing investment.
  • Bring your contracts alive and increase on-contract spend by making employees comply while they purchase without them even noticing it.
  • Full browser functionality on any device, plus iOS and Android Apps to enhance the mobile experience for key functions.
  • One interface layer across all ERPs, means unparalleled business agility, visibility, adoption, and compliance.
  • Usability requires being intuitive, consistent.
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