Project Description

 The system can be configured in order to meet the specific operational and business requirements of the customer which is integrated with RF and barcode equipment, electronic scales, printers and scanners. 

our software eliminates the need for paper documentation. All documentation is generated, transmitted, processed and optimized in the system which transformes it into precise tasks sent individually to operators' RF terminal screens. Every operation is confirmed and logged into the system by the operator through either scanning a bar code, or entering data via the RF terminal keyboard. Therefore, information on product quantity and allocation in the warehouse is always accurate and up-to-date, so any mistakes or exceptions can be noted and immediately corrected.

System Works Well and Caters to Needs of Growing and Expanding the Business.



  • Double Entry system
  • Easily plan your tasks
  • Automatic Replenisiment
  • Traceability
  • Manage stock Level
  • Clear Reporting with Dashboard
Bunisess Unit: