• 30 May, 2018
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Delivers an entire communications solution in one powerful and easy to manage deployment. From IP Voice & Video, to IP networking, surveillance, conferencing and more,we deliver the tools that organization may need to be successful. Our solutions deliver state-of-the-art features to maximize your network’s customibility, while being optimized to seamlessly work together.


Our open standard SIP- based products offer broad interoperability in the industry, unrivaled features, flexibility, and price-performance competitiveness.



  • Serves small to medium business
  • Consumer markets
  • Low communication costs
  • Increase in security protection
  • Enhance productivity


  • Business conferencing
  • IP Video Telephony
  • Networking Solutions
  • Gateways’ & ATAs
  • IP voice Telephony
  • Physical Security
  • IPPBXs
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