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  • 30 May, 2018
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Intercoms are great for low cost voice communication with in an organization. However, having the right infrastructure is the key for a smart organized network. In Today's modern age integrating your data and voice networks is the way to go by helping you leverage one setup for two services. Whereby the voice network now becomes VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Having a great experience with the Asterisk VoIP framework we can guarantee you a solid voice (VoIP) network, that’s customized, very flexible, feature rich and affordable. We can also Leverage your Data network infrastructure, by helping you integrate Voice and Data services on one platform hence reducing setup costs greatly.

Some of our VoIP networks Benefits;

  • Reduces overall Call costs
  • You can Monitor calls (optional)
  • Statistical Reports
  • Simple System administration (Web-based)
  • Automated voice service to clients (IVR)
  • Possible to Integrate with CRM


Some of the Features of the System;

  • Administrative UIs
  • Various Trunk Ports (E1, FXO, BRI, and SIP)
  • Call Logs
  • Billing
  • Least Call Routing
  • Call Recording
  • Optional Intergration with CRM
  • Voice Mails
  • IVR system


Bunisess Unit: 
Voice and Data: