• 16 Jun, 2018

Webmail allows you to access your email accounts through any web browser,you may wish to use this feature if you need to check your email but cannot currently access your own computer or  Log in from anywhere to read your email and respond quickly through the Webmail feature.

Email users may find the use of both a webmail client and a desktop client using the pop3 protocol presents some difficulties.e.g email messages that are downloaded by the desktop client and are removed from the server will no longer be available on the webmail client. The user is limited to previewing messages using the web client before they are downloaded by the desktop email client. However, one may choose to leave the emails on the server, in which case this problem does not occur. The use of both a webmail client and a desktop client using the imap4 protocol allows the contents of the mailbox to be consistently displayed in both the webmail and desktop clients and any action the user performs on messages in one interface will be reflected when email is accessed via the other interface. There are significant differences in rendering capabilities for many popular webmail services such as gmail,outlook .com and Yahoo!mail. Due to the varying treatment of  html tags, such as <style> and <head>, as well as css rendering inconsistencies, email marketing companies rely on older web development techniques to send cross-platform mail. This usually means a greater reliance on tables and inline stylesheets. will Jill insights all your problems are solved.



  • You Can Toggle Between Multiple configured Accounts with just one click
  • Basic Search & Advanced Search
  • Draft / Compose New Mail
  • Add New Contact
  • Create New Folder
  • Language settings